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  • ESI Xianlin Campus occupies 3175.2 square meters. The area of structure occupies 2759.78 square meters. The green areas occupy 890 square meters. Outdoor physical activities ground occupies 1185.3 square meters. There are 11 classes including 243 kids in ESI now. We also have 79 teaching and administrative staffs including 22 teachers and 11 teaching assistants. In addition, we have 2 health care physician, 13 child-care givers, 26 administrative staffs, 6 foreign teachers, and 2 kindergarten principals as well.
  • Eternal Sea International Education Institute was established in 2005 by Ms. Jane Jin, director of the Foreign Language Education Research Center of Canada. Ms. Jane, an MBA and AMI Montessori qualified teacher, is also a major facilitator of Children's Virtues Development Project. While being dedicated to the research of infant and toddler education, she is committed to all levels of educational development. Testament to this is her 10 years more experience in the fields of 0–12 year old, elementary and secondary schooling systems. As in the beginning of her career, Ms Jin’s primary objectives remain the same – producing and nurturing future top level university students and high-end specialized elites.
  • Through measuring, the per capita covers area of every kid is about 17.25 square meters. The per capita covering a building of every kid is about 14.99 square meters. The per capita covered by green area of every kid is about 4 square meters. The per capita covering outdoor sports ground of every kid is about 6.44 square meters. We construct 1093.5 square meters tartan on soft land and 890 square meters green area. The trees of the kindergarten make a pleasant shade. The kindergarten picturesque four seasons with beautiful view. It also provides a wonderful environment for children’s interests and inquiries. Besides the beautiful botanic garden, ESI also equip every child with 7 activity rooms including science room, library, multi-function room, little theater, art room, infirmary, observation room, kitchen room and store room.